Kickstart your Money Date Night

Kickstart your Money Date Night

Would having a structure to talk about money be helpful in your relationship, ?

What about sharing the "financial work"? 

Or having a roadmap for exploring money topics, navigating tricky conversations, and dreaming together?

If the the answer is YES, Kickstart Your Money Date Night is for you. 

Over 6 weeks, Lindsey and Colin will help you create (and stick to) a system for your Money Date Night through this online course. 

Our pricing is simple. We charge one price and that is $497. That includes one 90-minute coaching call with Lindsey and Colin who are 100% ready to support you in making the most of this experience. You also get lifetime access to the content.

6 Modules

Week 1: Let's Get Started & Your MDN Calendar

Welcome to the Money Date Night family! Colin and I are really excited to help you integrate these super $valuable$ conversations into your relationship. We instantly saw a difference in how we were talking about money - a topic that is one of the leading causes to stress in relationships.

Week 2: What's your money management system?

We're going back to basics. We're talking about your money management system - as individuals and as a couple. 

Week 3: Our first conversation about money

Let's talk about that first money conversation. Have you had it yet? If so, do you remember how it came up?

Week 4: We bought a house!

If you own a home now or are in the process of figuring out how to finance your own place, this week is meant to get you discussing what "home" means to each of you. You may be surprised!

Week 5: Keeping up with the Joneses

We're talking about comparison and how that factors into how we spend our money and the lives we create.

Week 6: Keeping this all going

Hey! You made it to your final week! 👏👏👏

How will your future selves feel when you look at all the conversations you've had and things you've changed as a result of your commitment to this course? That's what week 6 is all about! 

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